Arctic IoT Challenge 2016

18-21 February 2016

A three-day hackathon/conference focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). The objective is to create the best IoT solution and meet like-minded developers. The event is held at Voksenåsen Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Read more.

Thank you!

Arctic IoT Challenge 2016 is history. In the upcoming days, we will present the outcome and share memories from the event with you all. It was tremendous to see what the teams achieved in just three days. To all participants - you made us proud!

In the meantime, read what the teams have written themselves about their solutions on our blog. Check out the leaderboard to see how the results ended up.

Jury / speakers

Pål Levang

Founder of Synaptic Technologies, a company that develops technology for the semantic real-time web, and Nornir, an IoT solutions provider.

Jarle Bøe

Inventor of SensorTag, a small and easy to use developer kit with 10 sensors that can transmit data with Bluetooth Smart, 6LoWPAN or ZigBee directly to the cloud.

Harald Fianbakken

IoT geek and PowerShell MVP, Harald is known to bring gadgets to hackathons. He will reward geeky stuff. Harald has also been a judge at ASPC.

Christian Nesmark

Working to grow the IoT community, and former judge of ASPC, Christian looks forward to see all the cool solutions. Strict, but fair.

Who should participate?

Everyone who might be involved in creating an IoT solution. How you set up your team is up to you, but here are some suggestions.

Application developers

If you work with Java, .NET, Objective-C, PHP or something else - it doesn't matter. The solutions will need applications to interact with, monitor and control them.

Embedded developers

C, C++, Assembly or Lua? Show off your skills by making those tiny devices perform magic.

Data analysts

With all that incoming data, you need to find the patterns and make gold from all that mess.

Makers / engineers

IoT solutions will need new devices that haven't been invented yet. We need you to make them!


Industrial, graphical and interaction designers are important to shape all the new products and solutions.

Business developers

Those crazy, innovative ideas... We need you to realize them into something that will actually work.

Infrastructure experts

There actually is an I in IoT. Everything is connected to everything, and someone needs to make sure those connections work seamlessly.

Project managers

Who will keep the project on track, and make sure the team delivers value? You.


We have probably forgot to mention someone. But if you don't fit into any of the mentioned categories, but still know you will be able to contribute to the team - join in!

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