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= Talks
= Social


0830 Check-in and rigging
1000 Welcome and keynote
1030 Challenge kick-off
1200 Lunch
1330 Challenge session
1500 Fika
1900 Dinner


0700 Breakfast
0800 Challenge session
1200 Lunch
1300 Lightning talks
1430 Challenge session
1500 Fika
1845 Quiz
1900 Pizza + geekbeer


0700 Breakfast
1130 Lunch
1401 Jury Delivery (Max 5 min. each)
1500 Clean out the main room!
1530 Free time - sleep/rest/whatever
1800 We meet in the bar for drinks.
1900 Challenge fine dinner.
Dress code: semi-formal
2100 Demos & award ceremony
2200 Party! Let's make ARIoT!
0130 Hotel bar closing


There is no official program for Sunday. Just sleep/rest and get home safely. Hope to see you next year!

0700 Breakfast
1100 Latest checkout

Lightning talks

Are you interested in giving a lightning talk? Each team can give one talk, which provides them with 100 points. Send an e-mail to to submit your topic.



The challenge is taken on by teams. Teams are minimum two participants. Solo participants are grouped or assigned to teams prior to the event (we will consult you!).

The stakes

Teams battle for the great trophy (a polar bear, made of porcelain) for Best In Show. The winning team is selected from the finalists by popular vote by non-finalist Ariot participants during the awards dinner. Only the top 3 submissions can be finalists.

How to be in the top 3 - running for Best In Show

To get to the top 3, you need to collect points during the conference with your engagement, attitude, and deliverables.

These are the ways you can collect points:


From the moment the challenge kicks off, your team can start winning badges. KNOW THEM. The final badges will be published here before the challenge, and to get an idea, have a look at the current badges. Your team should expect to have to win numerous badges in order to be in the top 3. Badges are not exclusive, they can be awarded to several teams. Badges are awarded to the team as a whole. To get a badge you HAVE to have some IoT value in your submission, either because it supports your business case, or it's a good piece of work in the IoT area.

Badges have various value, but most of them have a value of 100 points.


The jury will award distinguished awards at the beginning of the awards dinner. These are granted after thorough deliberations taking into account the complete deliveries of the teams. In addition to being extremely prestigious, each award is followed by a nice chunk of points, usually 500, which will boost your team ranking significantly. If you collect a reasonable number of badges, AND secure an award, your team has really good chances for being in the top 3 race for the Best In Show award.

Awards are exclusive.

Final vote

Towards the end of the award ceremony, when all jury awards have been handed out, and the three finalists have presented their projects, all non-finalists vote for the team they would like to win the challenge.

The challenge

The business case is up to each team to decide. It does not have to be a realistic case, but it could be. It is possible to get to the final round with just a lot of cool individual submissions, but to also be voted Best In Show, it is good to have a valuable overall solution.

The submissions

The submission format of the deliveries will be in the form of a blog post. Each team can submit as many deliverables as they like, but remember that a badge can only be won once, so don't waste time trying to achieve a badge that you already have.

ARIoT will most probably provide you with a blog account, and we will notify you in advance.

Submission hints

Each submission (blog post) should contain a brief description of the deliverable. If you feel that screenshots, diagrams, or even a screencast or video might explain your work better, feel free to include that in your submission. We will not provide you with an account for YouTube, Vimeo or similar, so you need to set up that yourself.

It should also be stated in the submission what badges/awards you are trying to achieve. The jury may or may not award you the badges you asked for, and may also award you badges you have not asked for. In any case, you will get some feedback.


The jury consists of 4-5 people. Members of the jury will be announced before the challenge.

Jury members do not participate in any team, but are allowed to assist teams with guidance when they are stuck. Jury members will strive to distribute their time evenly amongst teams.

Only the jury can hand out badges and awards, and is independent of the steering committee, sponsors, teams etc.

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