Arctic IoT Challenge

12-15 March 2020

A three-day hackathon/conference focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). The objective is to create the best IoT solution and meet like-minded developers. The event is held at Voksenåsen Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Read more.

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The price for attending ARIoT is NOK 7500,- (ex. VAT). This includes:

  • Entry to the challenge
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Hotel room Thursday - Sunday *
    * = We strongly recommend that participants include a hotel room, even when they live in or nearby Oslo. Magic happens all day long - not just during daytime, and staying at the hotel saves travel time, increases focus on the challenge and provides a unique opportunity to connect with other teams. If you are on a budget and need to skip the hotel room for a lower price, please contact us at

Who should participate?

Everyone who might be involved in creating an IoT solution. How you set up your team is up to you, but here are some suggestions.

Application developers

If you work with Java, .NET, Objective-C, PHP or something else - it doesn't matter. The solutions will need applications to interact with, monitor and control them.

Embedded developers

C, C++, Assembly or Lua? Show off your skills by making those tiny devices perform magic.

Data analysts

With all that incoming data, you need to find the patterns and make gold from all that mess.

Makers / engineers

IoT solutions will need new devices that haven't been invented yet. We need you to make them!


Industrial, graphical and interaction designers are important to shape all the new products and solutions.

Business developers

Those crazy, innovative ideas... We need you to realize them into something that will actually work.

Infrastructure experts

There actually is an I in IoT. Everything is connected to everything, and someone needs to make sure those connections work seamlessly.

Project managers

Who will keep the project on track, and make sure the team delivers value? You.


We have probably forgot to mention someone. But if you don't fit into any of the mentioned categories, but still know you will be able to contribute to the team - join in!


I'm a developer

  • Share knowledge and learn. For three days, your team stay in a hotel in the woods at the outskirts of Oslo (there might be wolves). There, you will not only compete with other teams, but also get to know them, learn from them and be inspired.
  • Talk to experts. You get to talk with the judges/speakers a lot more than you would in a normal conference. They will stay at the hotel for the whole event, and circulate among the teams to guide them and answer questions.
  • Gadgets. We, developers, love gadgets! And there will be no exceptions here – you will get to play with some cool gadgets.
  • Pride and glory. You get to show off your skills in the biggest and most prestigious IoT hackathon in Norway.
  • Best. Party. Ever. Really! There will be a party too! The final night, we’ll have a grand party (bring some nice clothes). This is where the winner is elected. Maybe your team makes it to the final, and gets the winning votes?

I'm a manager

  • Together we are stronger. We believe that no single company can “win” the IoT. It is too big for that, or to put it another way – there is more than enough cake for everyone. Join us in growing the IoT market.
  • Better teams. We empower developers with IoT skills, and we shed light on the parts of the IoT market that might still be in the dark. Even if your company currently does not work with IoT directly, your teams still benefit from learning more about coding patterns, distributed architecture, sensors, hardware, data analysis, UX and all the other areas that make up IoT.
  • Bring your own ideas! You will be able to bring your own business case and work on it, too. What is better than a team of passionate developers working on something you need for three days?

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